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No, we treat completely different areas of the face. Botulinum toxin A – most commonly known as Botox – is used to treat wrinkles of the forehead but not the mid-facial area for which PB&B’s products are meant for. Fillers Substances used to add volume, diminish facial lines, and in certain cases for body shaping. Hyaluronic acid is the most popular filler. are generally used to provide volume to the mid-facial area.
PB&B initially meant Perfect Breasts & Body, but following the de-risking strategy of focusing on facial application, PB&B stands for Plastic Biotech & Bioengineering. The company’s specialization is the engineering of soft tissues (aka “plastic” tissues to surgeons).
Our products require approval by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. Clinical trials are planned to begin mid-2016, and thus we do expect to be present in the market before 2019.
Based on how we specifically designed our microspheres, nothing will be left in the body 2 months after the injection, only your own tissues providing the final result for 20 months on average.
Because the microspheres have lipids Fat molecules, these combine together to give the volume of a fat cell. A lipid is a naturally present nutrient and precious source of energy for the body. inside and when they biodegrade they release the lipids that will be absorbed by the fat cells, hence making them grow in size and thus hive back the volume that was lost and induced the wrinkles. This volume will stay as long as the lipids stay in the fat cells (ie. adipocytes).
The microspheres will be mixed in a neutral solution before injection that will contain an anaesthetic that will minimize if not relieve any pain. In the end it will not be more painful than any Botox® or Hyaluronic Acid injection.
The microspheres and their content are all based on naturally present molecules in the human body. After degradation of the microspheres only the normal tissue of the patient will be left, only bigger, nothing else!